[Fontconfig] Cyrillic monospace problem

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Thu May 1 02:32:47 EST 2003

Around 8 o'clock on Apr 30, Stefan Baums wrote:

> All I have is /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and /etc/fonts/local.conf, and they are
> untouched.  Isn't it more likely that this is something to do with KDE,
> seeing that GNOME applications get it right on my system? 

This problem clearly has something to do with the difference between 
patterns presented by KDE and those presented by Gnome, but fontconfig 
should be able to get the right answer in both cases unless the KDE 
application is sending something wrong to the library.  Let's try to get 
that information out of the application:

	$ FC_DEBUG=5 kedit

should show both the original pattern presented by the application and the 
edits applied by the configuration before matching occurs.  That'll tell 
whether KDE is doing something unexpected or whether the Debian fontconfig 
package has some 'improvements' which generate the wrong result in this 


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