[Fontconfig] how to detect on change of FcConfig?

Kang Jeong-Hee Keizi at mail.co.kr
Thu May 1 13:32:28 EST 2003


is describing font adding at runtime.

as a consequence of routine above, Pango or any other higher level
must rescan the FcConfig to recognize the change of fonts.
-- as far as I understand, FcConfig has the fonts available.

for example, let put a scenario:
 1. load a font at runtime
 2. get a matched FcPattern from FcFontName() with a preset of FcPattern.
 3. set the FcPattern to a higher level object, e.g. PangoFontDescription.

well, in this scenario, how to detect on change of FcConfig?
I mean, how to do #2 after #1? how to know #1 is done?

I suppose that signal/callback system like GTK+ does is required.
 fc_object_connect (fccfg, "changed", fc_config_changed_cb, NULL);
but.. fontconfig may not support that, or do?


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