[Fontconfig] pcf font preferences

Ryan Lovett ryan at ocf.berkeley.edu
Thu May 1 15:55:28 EST 2003

On my Debian sid system, the following fonts from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc

  12x13ja.pcf.gz         7x14-JISX0201.1976-0.pcf.gz  8x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz
  7x13-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz  7x14.pcf.gz                  8x13.pcf.gz
  7x13.pcf.gz            7x14B-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz
  7x14-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz  7x14B.pcf.gz

from the xfonts-base package are getting in the way of my preferred font,
6x13*. For example when I have 'Fixed 10' selected in gnome-terminal, any of
the above fonts will be used over 6x13 (where the above fonts also follow some
sort of pecking order). If I move them out of the way, 'Fixed 10' is 6x13. Is
there any way to tell fontconfig to prefer 6x13 without moving or copying fonts
to preferred/deferred directories? Why is fontconfig favoring the above fonts?


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