[Fontconfig] pcf font preferences

Ryan Lovett ryan at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Fri May 2 09:35:01 EST 2003

On Thu, 01 May 2003, Keith Packard wrote:
>Around 22 o'clock on Apr 30, Ryan Lovett wrote:
>> For example when I have 'Fixed 10' selected in gnome-terminal, any of the
>> above fonts will be used over 6x13 (where the above fonts also follow some
>> sort of pecking order).
>6x13 is a semicondensed face, so you'll have to make sure you request it by
>setting the width to semicondensed instead of normal.  You can do this in
>your .fonts.conf with:
>        <match target="pattern">
>		<!-- match family "fixed" -->
>                <test name="family">
>                        <string>fixed</string>
>                </test>
>		<!-- make sure width wasn't specified -->
>                <test name="width" qual="all">
>                        <int>-1</int>
>                </test>
>		<!-- set the width to semicondensed to prefer 6x13 -->
>                <edit name="width">
>                        <const>semicondensed</const>
>                </edit>
>        </match>

This works great with current gnome-terminal (Debian libvte4=0.11.0-2) when
VTE_USE_DRAW=0. It also works fine with other GNOME2 apps.


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