[Fontconfig] No bitmap fonts in XFree86 4.3.0

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Wed May 28 00:05:26 EST 2003

TH> How old would it have to be not to work? I've just deleted the files
TH> from the Debian package (2.1.4) and verified with ldd that fc-cache is
TH> using the libfreetype2 that came with XFree86 4.3, and rerun it with -f,
TH> but it still isn't working.

The one that comes with XFree86 is a patched 2.1.3.  Please use the
Debian 2.1.4-2 instead, which appears to be okay as far as PCF and PCF.gz
are concerned.

(Stock 2.1.4 is still buggy w.r.t. BDF, although Debian might have
backported the fixes.)


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