[Fontconfig] Bad font causing fontconfig to coredump

Frank Murphy murphyf+fonts at f-m.fm
Fri Nov 14 07:26:40 EST 2003

I was trying to convert an old Mac bitmap font to be usable under X. I was 
using pfaedit to try to convert it to a bdf, but when I put the font into 
my .fonts directory and run fc-cache -v, it aborts after starting the 
directory (it's the only font in .fonts/macfont). Also, it causes KDE to 
abort with no log.

I'm running Debian unstable, so I have fontconfig 2.2.1-12, and
libfontconfig1 2.2.1-12.

I'm on PPC.

I've attached the font here (it's only 20K).

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