[Fontconfig] Style-related patches for fontconfig and related packages

John A. Boyd Jr. jaboydjr at netwalk.com
Tue Nov 25 08:07:13 EST 2003


I have just subscribed to this list in order to submit some patches for
consideration by the maintainers of fontconfig, who may do with them as
they see fit.

In the process of upgrading to Gnome 2.4 from sources, I encountered a
problem I had dealt with before that had not yet been addressed.  These
patches collectively address it.  The problem is that the standard X
font aliased as "fixed", i.e., 6x13.[pcf,bdf], would not be visible to
all the newer font-handling utilities if 7x13 was also available - the
two fonts look the same because the "SemiCondensed" set-width was not
at all being handled.

The solution these patches implement is to pass the PCF/BDF set-width
name (and optionally the add-style name) field(s) as part of the style
strings used by various other packages (i.e., FreeType, fontconfig,
Xft, and Pango), and to deal with this additional information
appropriately, and as generally as I could imagine and achieve in short

Also included here are patches for vte and gtk, which make use of the
other patches.  I suspect, however, that none of these patches depend
on the others, in the respect that a supporting package must be patched
before a using package.  E.g., Gnome's font-picker dialog also makes
use of the changes, but requires no patching to do so.

I had previously submitted a version of the FreeType patch to the
FreeType developer's mailing list.  Werner Lember has already added
it to FreeType's CVS archive (the patch included here is a little
different, but consistent with the others here).  I.e., not all of
these patches will necessarily be of interest to fontconfig maintainers,
but I am including them to make the purpose clear.  The patches are
named by package and package version.

If anyone reading this message could be of assistance in forwarding
the remaining patches to the appropriate maintainers, I would appreciate
it, by the way... 8^)

I hope the purpose and impact of these patches will be clear from the
content.  If not, please send me comments or questions regarding them.


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