[Fontconfig] Querying a font

David Shochat shochat at acm.org
Mon Sep 22 02:15:06 EST 2003

Is there a utility that can be used to find out things about a given 
font that is installed on my system? Things I want to know:
1. Is it a Unicode font?
2. What code points does it support?
I have RedHat Linux 9 and fontconfig-2.1-9. The documentation I found on 
the fontconfig web site says that fontconfig allows you to find out how 
well a given installed font supports a given language, but how? Do I 
need to write my own utility against the fontconfig library to do this, 
or does such a utility already exist? I have something called 
gnome-font-viewer which I think is what allows me to see what fonts look 
like under nautilus. That is very nice, but there is no way I have 
figured out to ask the 2 questions above using this.
-- David

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