[Fontconfig] Problem with Nimbus font weights

Juergen Stuber stuber at loria.fr
Mon Apr 12 04:41:38 EST 2004


I want to use the 'Nimbus Roman No9 L' fonts in Mozilla,
however their weights are a bit off:

- the one with style Medium is what I would call bold
- there is one called Regular that would do as medium

I've tried various ways to change that, without success,
for example putting the following in my ~/.fonts.conf :

<match target="font">
    <test qual="any" name="family">
        <string>Nimbus Roman No9 L</string>
    <test qual="any" name="style">
    <edit name="style" mode="assign_replace">

Any ideas?


Jürgen Stuber <stuber at loria.fr>
gnupg key fingerprint = 2767 CA3C 5680 58BA 9A91  23D9 BED6 9A7A AF9E 68B4

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