[Fontconfig] Re: Fontconfig 2.2.94 released

Frédéric L. W. Meunier 1 at pervalidus.net
Sat Apr 24 13:28:50 EST 2004

I got the following. Is it caused by FreeType 2.1.8 ? I noticed
the following in the ChangeLog:

2004-03-04  Werner Lemberg

* include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h: s/MIN/FT_MIN/,
s/MAX/FT_MAX/,s/ABS/FT_ABS/.  Updated all callers.

gcc -march=i686 -O2 -pipe -Wl,-s -o fc-cache fc-cache.o  ../src/.libs/libfontconfig.so /usr/lib/libfreetype.so -lz /usr/lib/libexpat.so -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/home/fredlwm/tmp/objdir/fontconfig/src/.libs
../src/.libs/libfontconfig.so: undefined reference to `MAX'
../src/.libs/libfontconfig.so: undefined reference to `ABS'
../src/.libs/libfontconfig.so: undefined reference to `MIN'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [fc-cache] Error 1


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