[Fontconfig] asian font configuration

Tor Andersson tor.andersson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 12:10:02 EST 2004


my reply keeps getting stuck in the moderation filter.
i made a new ko.orth which only contains the ideographs and syllables
in KS X 1001. it makes a world of difference, now it recognizes all my
korean fonts as such.

the results on the old ko.orth gave the following results on my fonts:

Baekmuk fonts:
   Scanning file ./batang.ttf...  ko(0)
   Scanning file ./dotum.ttf...  ko(8822)
   Scanning file ./gulim.ttf...  ko(0)
   Scanning file ./hline.ttf...  ko(13703)

Apple fonts:
   Scanning file ./#Gungseouche.dfont...  ko(8827)
   Scanning file ./#HeadlineA.dfont...  ko(13710)
   Scanning file ./#PCmyoungjo.dfont...  ko(8826)
   Scanning file ./#Pilgiche.dfont...  ko(13710)
   Scanning file ./AppleGothic.dfont...  ko(8827)
   Scanning file ./AppleMyungjo.dfont...  ko(8824)

8822 hangul syllables in unicode are missing from KS X 1001, and most
of the fonts miss them too. about 5000 chinese characters are also in
the old ko.orth that are missing from a lot of korean fonts.

find the new ko.orth here:



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