[Fontconfig] asian font configuration

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Dec 14 05:56:36 EST 2004

Around 2 o'clock on Dec 13, John Thacker wrote:

> However, the 4882 Hanja are definitely part of the standard no matter 
> what.  I'm somewhat surprised that so many fonts would not have them at all,
> but it certainly must be easier.  

That's what I thought; we have a 'standard orthography' for Korean as used
in the Republic of Korea which includes a large set of glyphs which are
no-longer in common use in the Republic of Korea.

THere is also a standard from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 
(KPS 9566-97) which inclues 4653 Korean Hanja characters.


The guiding principle for fontconfig's orthography construction is to
select fonts capable of displaying the preponderance of documents in the
given language. The English orthography, as an example, includes uncommonly
used accented letters like é and ï as they appear in many documents,
although many people accept and use alternate spellings without them.

Where available, fontconfig leans on official standards published by 
relevant bodies like the Académie française, but in the case of Korean, 
the standards above appear to be aimed at representing more than just 
Korean as currently written.

Is there perhaps a more relevant standard than the encoding tables here?  
An actual orthography would be really nice to have.


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