[Fontconfig] Fontconfig-2.2.0, sgmlspl, and properly installing

Ciprian Popovici ciprian at zuavra.net
Sat Feb 7 10:06:17 EST 2004

On Sun, 1 Feb 2004 10:55:04 -0700 James Lay <jlay at ameriben.com> wrote:
> 2.  The install file says to install with the standard ./configure
> --prefix=/usr...however, X11 is installed...if I install into /usr I'll have
> 2 copies of everything yes?

Pretty much, yes. You may want to get rid of what's under X11 so you don't run
into trouble.

> Is it safe to ./configure --prefix=/usr/X11R6 to have your fontconfig sort
> of "take over" X11's?

As long as you do a backup of the relevant stuff beforehand... Try 'make -n
install' instead of 'make install' and examine the output. -n does a
simulation so you can see what files will be overwritten.

Ciprian Popovici

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