[Fontconfig] gnome-terminal and font selection -- again

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Wed Feb 18 08:48:59 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 16:25, John A. Boyd Jr. wrote:
> I'm almost at a loss for words...

Glad I could leave you speechless.  :-)

> It "works?"  How do you define "works?"

It met the goal(s) of my original list posting.

> I guess I have a different
> standard: it "works" when it can be used from all applications of
> interest to me.

Fair enough, but the question Keith answered and the direction he gave
me were with respect to my original goal which was to be able to choose
which font I saw as "Fixed" in gnome-terminal.

Now as I followed up, ideally I could "invent" new fonts (being aliases
to existing fonts) that would appear in the gnome font selection dialog,
but for my purposes here, overriding "Fixed" with a specific font is a
satisfactory short term solution.

> 2) What is style "Regular"?  What does it have to do with the
>     original XLFD specification?

As per my original posting, it was just what "xfd" gave me.  I don't
know much about the details of the original XLFD specification.

> 3) If you, Brian, make up an alias family name for a font which
>     could otherwise be very easily described in a standard way,
>     then others will do the same, and bunches of people will have
>     different pet names for what used to be a standardly-aliased
>     font.

Fair enough, which is why I asked about being able to define a new
font/alias which I called "My Fixed Font" to describe the specific XLFD
font I wanted to use.

> No one has commented on my patches, which introduce a standard
> way to handle attributes which occur in known fonts but are not
> otherwise as easily classified, e.g., as "weight" or "slant", or are
> not otherwise uniformly classified across font-handling applications.

I am most likely the least qualified to do so, so I will just hold my


My other computer is your Microsoft Windows server.

Brian J. Murrell
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