[Fontconfig] Changing the binding of faimly name without changing family name

Hing-Wah Wan hingwah at gnupilgrims.org
Fri Jan 16 05:02:16 EST 2004


    I have some display problem that english letter is displayed using 
chinese fonts which look ugly with the configuration such as this:


The problem of this is because I have a locale of zh_TW.Big5 and 
"lang=zh-tw" properties will be added to the pattern to be substitued.
The substitution of family name  have a weak binding instead of strong 
binding so that MingLiU will have higher score and used to render 
english fonts since lang element have higher order than family name.To 
solve the issue, i added this:

    <match target="pattern">
     <test qual="any" name="family"  compare="eq">
     <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="strong">

However,this need also to be applied to Font1,Font2,Font3.Instead of 
writting duplicate match statement  by replacing "Verdana" with 
"Font1/Font2/Font3.." . Is that any way to change the binding without 
reassigning family name with same value,so that only one  single match 
statement need to be written?



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