[Fontconfig] Setting preferred fonts that are not supported by the current locale

Maarten van Gompel proycon at anaproy.homeip.net
Mon Jul 5 20:23:07 EST 2004

I have a bit of a problem I can't seem to solve.. I want to set an alias
for Sans that prefers various fonts so the total will display most scripts

The problem I face now is that I can't seem to get the system to prefer
fonts that don't support my locale!

For example, I have the following set:

                <family>Simplified Arabic</family>
                <family>Arial Unicode MS</family>
                <family>Bitstream Cyberbit</family>

First there are some devanagari-only (hindi) fonts, then an arabic-only
font, etc... 

I have my locale set to russian, and because of that, I can't seem to get
the preferred fonts on top! I want those on top regardless of my locale,
because the idea is that the first fonts give me devanagari, the following
arabic and the rest is filled in later...

Is there any way to tell fontconfig to use my preferred fonts regardless
of the locale? Since I'm in a full-unicode environment I aim to display
all languages correctly, the locale is more or less irrelevant...

I have tried the following in an attempt to tell to all fonts that they
support russian (my locale) (making the whole thing locale independant) ,
but it didn't work.. it seems the lang property is read-only?

<match target="font">
  <edit name="lang" mode="append_last">

I've run out of options and would appreciate if anybody could show me the
way. This surely must be possible right?


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