[Fontconfig] what's up with linux fonts lately?

synaptical synaptical at linuxquestions.net
Fri Jul 30 05:36:26 EST 2004

here's what i came up with, does anything seem awry? the extra/duplicate files in /usr/local/lib don't seem to be an issue, b/c when i move those libfontconfig files and the /usr/local/lib/freetype directory and restart X, i get the same results. thx.

[1] sero:~ $ locate libfontconfig

[2] sero:~ $ locate libfreetype

[3] sero:~ $ locate libXft

--- Ciprian Popovici <ciprian at zuavra.net> wrote:

Try doing a find over all the filesystem. Look for things like this:

find / -name libfontconfig*.so* \
-or -name libfreetype*.so* \
-or -name libXft*.so*

Should find something along these lines:


If you find more than this you may have a problem. Disregard libXft.so.1
which comes with X, that's OK. OpenOffice also comes with its own
libfreetype.so.6, I usually preload my own in the swriter script. Anyway,
get back to us with anything suspicious.

Ciprian Popovici

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