[Fontconfig] what's up with linux fonts lately?

synaptical synaptical at linuxquestions.net
Sat Jul 31 05:59:39 EST 2004

sorry, i neglected to mention that i did run ldconfig after making the changes. but i didn't know about checking ld.so.conf, thanks for that. 

the only directory listing in there remotely to do with fonts is for /usr/X11R6/lib. i added /usr/local/lib and got a message about libfontconfig.so.1 not being a symbolic link, so i linked it to libfontconfig.so.1.0.4 (and ran ldconfig ;)) -- no change! 

i'm really getting frustrated -- another unfortunate effect is that all the italic fonts on the web are bolded -- what in the world is controlling the font rendering??? 


--- Ciprian Popovici <ciprian at zuavra.net> wrote:
Quoting synaptical <synaptical at linuxquestions.net>:

> here's what i came up with, does anything seem awry? the extra/duplicate
> files in /usr/local/lib don't seem to be an issue, b/c when i move those
> libfontconfig files and the /usr/local/lib/freetype directory and restart
> X, i get the same results. thx.

Ah, but you should also run 'ldconfig' between the library moves. See if
that changes anything. Also, see what you have in /etc/ld.so.conf.

Ciprian Popovici
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