[Fontconfig] dingbat fonts not displaying

Brent Elmer webe3 at myrealbox.com
Sun Mar 14 04:33:02 EST 2004

Why do some applications display dingbat fonts and others don't.

I am running Debian sarge and Gnome 2.4.

Abiword 2.0.1 lists Davysdingbats, Davysotherdingbats, and Dingbats in
the font dropdown but it displays blanks for each character.
However DavysBigKeyCaps displays fine.  The Dingbats used to work.  The
Abiword FAQ page says that fontconfig is used for fonts.

Font Viewer 0.5.0 has no problem displaying the Dingbat fonts
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/davyding.pfb daod_____.pfb and

It is probably a setup problem I have but I have no idea what the
problem is.


Brent Elmer <webe3 at myrealbox.com>

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