[Fontconfig] Aliases

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Mar 30 05:59:30 EST 2004

Around 16 o'clock on Mar 29, Radu Maurer wrote:

> I'd like these aliases to appear in the list of available fonts, 
> in order to be selectable in KDE, OpenOffice etc.

Fontconfig doesn't support that because those names are likely to be 
registered trademarks, and having OpenOffice.org present them in a font 
dialog while not actually having them backed by licensed versions of those 
fonts would be trademark violation.

Yes, this was an explicit design goal for fontconfig -- permit substitution 
of those fonts but not present the alias names to the user.

The only way to get the names that you want is to either license the real
fonts ($$$) or use pfaedit to create 'fake' versions of them from the 
Nimbus versions.  I believe you would be violating the trademarks if you 
distributed the modified files.


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