[Fontconfig] toggle antialiasing on the fly?

Dmitry Karasik dmitry at karasik.eu.org
Sat May 1 00:47:07 EST 2004


I need to toggle antialiasing on the fly for a xft_drawable, how can I do this?
Part of the reason I need this functionality, is that when I draw text on
bitmaps ( through XftDrawCreateBitmap ), the font is antialiased and not all
pixels are seen. I browsed source, and made some experiments, and found that
when text is painted on a bitmap via xrender,the red,green,and blue components
of XftColor.color don't apply, but the .alpha field only ( 0 - black, 0xffff -
white). OTOH, in may places in Xft source there is an implicit check whether
antialiasing is applied or not by checking (color.alpha != 0xffff).  I don't
know if the last observation is in any way relevant, but I suppose that there
must be a way to either conditionally, or unconditionally, to disable
antialiasing at least on bitmaps, although doing the same on pixmaps would be
also a good thing.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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