[Fontconfig] Attitude to patches made by firefly

Funda Wang fundawang at linux.net.cn
Tue Nov 16 04:48:04 EST 2004

Ambrose> Also in the process, I found a number of different glyphs
Ambrose> (obviously for "shape differences" between different languages)
Ambrose> where I cannot notice any difference at all even if I look very
Ambrose> hard, or the difference is so small I can't believe even the
Ambrose> Japanese will complain.
Check these character: "起","非"。 You might paste them into your
favourite font viewing program. Try to show them under different fonts, 
such as AR PL Sung GB and AR PL Ming BIG5.

Ambrose> My own conclusion is, to the Chinese, the "shape difference" is
Ambrose> an artificial myth. (After all, all these different shapes are
Ambrose> valid in Chinese, either as an old form, a variant form, or as
Ambrose> a "popular but written incorrectly" form.)
It seems that only Unicode UTF-16 can solve this problem.

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