[Fontconfig] How to ignore bitmapped fonts?

Ole Tange freedesktop.org at tange.dk
Mon Aug 8 09:02:28 EST 2005

I use Konqueror for web-browsing. Most pages look fine with pretty
antialiased fonts, but now and then I see a page like
http://convexhull.com/mandrake_fonts.html where the font is not
antialiased. It seems the reason is that Helvetica is a non-antialiased

I do not care if the font used is Helvetica or some other font. But I _do_
care that the font is non-antialiased. So I have tried making a
.fonts.conf that will ignore non-antialiased fonts.  So far without any
luck. I have tried removing all bitmap-fonts, but this breaks programs
like RealPlayer.

Can I have my cake and eat it, too? So that Konqueror never uses
non-antialiased fonts but RealPlayer still can access whatever font it

I have read http://fontconfig.org/fontconfig-user.html but even after
reading it the solution is not obvious. The manual lacks a lot more
examples - as lot of the keywords are not mentioned in a single example.  
Also it lacks information on how to force a reload of the

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