[Fontconfig] No fc-cache(1) doc in 2.3.92?

Jim Osborn jimo at eskimo.com
Fri Dec 30 12:24:42 PST 2005

Checking the log of ``make install'' I find many copies, in forms
such as .pdf, .txt, (and even .5) of "fonts-conf" which says
"See Also: fc-cache(1), fc-match(1), fc-list(1)."

But there's no fc-cache(1) or fc-list(1).  It did install
fc-match(1), which refers to fontconfig(3), which is also not there.
I don't find any "fontconfig.3" or any of the other relevant files
listed above in the doc/ subdirectory of the 2.3.92 tarball. 

Did I screw something up in my installation, or are those docs really
not there in the source?  My configure args were:
 --prefix=/usr/X11R6 --with-confdir=/etc/fonts
 --with-expat-includes=/usr/X11R6/include --with-expat-lib=/usr/X11R6/lib
which I don't *think* should switch off manpages.
The fc-match(1) manpage has this on the bottom line; "__vendorversion__"
I don't know if that points to something I've messed up; shouldn't it
say something like "2.3.92"?

I also notice in the 2.3.92 fonts-conf files (.txt, .html, and .5 flavors)
say, in the Cache section:
  The default for this file is ``~/.fonts.cache-version'', where
  version is the font configuration file version number (currently 1).
But fc-cache, run as part of the install process, made fonts.cache-2
files in the directories listed in local.conf.

Is that "(currently 1)" bit out of date, or did I do something wrong?




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