[Fontconfig] How about disable hinting & global advance for all cjk fonts?

Funda Wang fundawang at linux.net.cn
Sun Feb 20 01:19:07 EST 2005


Due to some native features of CJK fonts, I would suggest following
changes be made in fonts.conf.in:

1. Almost every CJK fonts have built-in latin letters. That means, both
half-width characters and full-width characters are presented within
same font file.

So, please merge Mandrakelinux's patch for CJK globaladvance:

2. Due to the fact that freetype cannot provide quality result when
hinting CJK fonts, I would suggest disable hinting for all CJK fonts by
<test target="pattern" name="lang" compare="contains">
<edit name="hinting" mode="assign">

In Mandrakelinux, we have listed all the font names, which is too long
to maintain.

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