[Fontconfig] [PATCH] Additional vendor string

Daichi Kawahata daichi.k at aioros.ocn.ne.jp
Fri Feb 25 19:44:03 EST 2005


I've added a major vendor name (in Japan possibly), Motoya
- http://www.motoyafont.jp/ in src/fcfreetype.c, modified source
code warning-clean. Although, I don't know how to work this vendor
string in the mechanism.

...Now, the true story starts from here. I've been having trouble
on font recognition/selection mechanism, just after reading Keith's
interesting post has subject 'Localizing font family and style
names', I'd report it can be the matter that displaying local family
name encoded local charset, in a little different aspect though. If
it was a known problem, sorry in advance.

In this case, I'd target local family name in the .ttc font. Ok, I've
got the fonts of Windows version, there are three different weighted
fonts ntk2kp.ttc, ntk3kp.ttc, ntk4kp.ttc, have three style variants
W#, W# KP, W# mono in each itself, the crucial point is, those fonts
have just only *one* font family name in English-wise.

Further, those fonts have local family name (Japanese) in 1st, 2nd
name field, but name of 1st field never read in my environment
due to codeset, seems ShiftJIS while EUC-JP of mine. 2nd has UTF-8
encoded, can be displayed properly.

Thus, fc-list says (sorry long & hard to read lines)

    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(can't read!)2,*NTMotoyaKyokasho2:style=W2,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)2KP,*NTMotoyaKyokasho2KP:style=W2 KP,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)2(ditto),*NTMotoyaKyokasho2Touhaba:style=W2 mono,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)3KP,*NTMotoyaKyokasho3KP:style=W3 KP,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)3(ditto),*NTMotoyaKyokasho3Touhaba:style=W3 mono,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)4KP,*NTMotoyaKyokasho4KP:style=W4 KP,Regular
    NtMotoyaKyotai,NT(ditto)4(ditto),*NTMotoyaKyokasho4Touhaba:style=W4 mono,Regular

    * actually Japanese without NT, #(KP)

On the font selection, I can select family 'NtMotoyaKyotai' certainly,
also style 'W2, W2 KP, W2 mono...' *appear* in random order. However
a style never affect! There must be selected one of those (of total
9 variants).

I called font vendor, an company employee says 'That's because
certain application'd select font family at first, then user select
one of font families with style, at that time you can see localized
name. I'm afraid there is no specification concerned with naming rule,
we'll just follow major application's usage custom. We can change
inner English family name itself for you, however it costs. Anyway,
it's ok changing font recognition method on your side.'

...long post, thank you for your reading! well, is there any person
having similar trouble? Is that commonly on non-Latin fonts (including
CJKVT)? I'll welcome your comment, any workaround wlii be appreciated.

PS. Those fonts need registration, I can't give you an actual copy.
If you want to try that, please email me, I'll explain how to register.

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