[Fontconfig] Screen resolutions

David Gómez david at pleyades.net
Fri Feb 25 20:42:26 EST 2005

Hi cga ;),

On Feb 24 at 07:23:44, cga wrote:
> >Look at the text within the render area in firefox, not the menus. Both are
> >using Bitstream Vera Sans.
> >
> Why not look at the menus? Isn't fontconfig/xft supposed to make font 
> rendering global for the entire system?

Because the menus are using different fonts, for the sake of comparison. But
yes, look it ;), because their fonts are rendered in a 'too blurry' way too.

> other unblemished. But there's definitely a difference between the two. 
> No idea if it's configurable (it should) or a result of using different 
> versions of the rendering software.

That's what i want to find out... How to make the second system look
as the first one.

> allow to use other fonts..)?  You should be able to zoom in/out a bit 
> using Ctrl+-/+.. See if it makes any difference.  Also xmag is your 
> friend when examining such problems.

Yes, i've been doing that, but still are different :(. And yes, xmag is
a great tool for this kind of things ;)

> >was some difference, but the fonts still looked worse in the smaller 
> >screen.
> >
> aren't you contradicting what you said above about preferring the LCD?

Sorry, a typo. I meant 'better'.

> Unless you absolutely refuse to use Microsoft material you may want to 
> give their  fonts a try.

Hmmmm, good idea, i'll give it a try to see the difference. I've always
said that the only innovative thing Microsoft had done were TrueType fonts...

> IMHO they look incomparaby better than anything else I've seen on a PC 
> screen.  

Thanks for the advice ;)


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