[Fontconfig] fontconfig 2.2.3 only works with iso8859-1

Haakon Riiser haakon.riiser at fys.uio.no
Sat Feb 26 02:19:24 EST 2005

[Owen Taylor]

> Haakon Riiser wrote:
> >I have a collection of old bitmap fonts (BDF format) that I'd like
> >to use with fontconfig.  The problem is that the fonts' glyphs
> >are replaced with some other system font when CHARSET_REGISTRY
> >and CHARSET_ENCODING is not equal to "ISO8859" and "1".  I tried
> >setting LC_ALL to all sorts of things, but that didn't have
> >any effect.  The fonts in question are in IBM codepage 437; in
> >this particular case, I could just edit the fonts and specify
> >ISO8859-1, but I don't understand why I have to lie about the
> >charset to please fontconfig.
> >
> >Is this a bug, or can I fix it by editing ~/.fonts.conf or
> >something like that?  Btw, my OS is Slackware Linux 10.1, which
> >uses X.org 6.8.1.
> Neither a bug nor something you can fix without reencoding the
> fonts to Unicode (ISO10646-1). fontconfig only supports a couple of 
> encodings other than Unicode.
> The complexity and overhead to support all the encodings that BDF fonts
> are found in just doesn't make sense considering their legacy
> status.

Just using the font as if it were ISO10646-1 would be good enough.
Should't that be a trivial patch?  It is, at least, much better than
the current behavior, which I don't see any use for.


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