[Fontconfig] Re: Multi lingual fontconfig names (was [PATCH] Additional vendor string)

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Feb 27 17:42:59 EST 2005

Around 15 o'clock on Feb 27, Daichi Kawahata wrote:

> Is there any possibility the following (Kanji reading: Kyo-ka-sho,
> meaning: textbook, font for textbook)
>     NtMotoyaKyotai,NTÉÇÉgÉÑã≥â»èë2,NTモトヤ教科書2:familylang=en,ja,ja
>     NtMotoyaKyotai,NTÉÇÉgÉÑã≥â»èë2KP,NTモトヤ教科書2KP:familylang=en,ja,ja
>     NtMotoyaKyotai,NTÉÇÉgÉÑã≥â»èë2ìôïù,NTモトヤ教科書2等幅:familylang=en,ja,ja

Those almost look like SJIS encoded names, but they don't make sense when 
interpreted in that way.  I think we can assume that whatever encoding was 
marked in the file was incorrect.

> >From what above cases, as far as familyname is concerned, I must to
> get capability to select localized name. What I'd suggest is,
>     * Preparing env. variables FC_LANG, FC_CTYPE

I don't see how these are better than LANG and LC_CTYPE, aside from 
accepting a list of allowed languages.  We could permit that as an 
extension for unusual cases, but then we'd want to also use those in the 
font preference mechanism which does currently use LANG, LC_CTYPE and 

In any case, I want to do this in a new API which would accept an optional 
application-provided language tag and return the 'best' name from the 
available list (or perhaps sort the available names according to some 
metric).  Attempting to overload the existing API with this new semantic 
seems like a bad idea.


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