[Fontconfig] Help: fonts disappeared when moving from XFree86 to XOrg

Joe Harvell jharvell at dogpad.net
Fri Jan 7 07:39:35 EST 2005


It looks like it is:

42aea000-42b0d000 r-xp 00000000 3a:01 18565      
42b0d000-42b10000 rw-p 00023000 3a:01 18565      

This is from /proc/???/map on another Linux box of mine looking at the 
same OpenOffice.org document with the same OpenOffice.org version but 
with an XFree86 X Server.  The fonts look fine on this box.

OpenOffice.org's help has the following to say about its usage of 
fonts.  I am not sure what to make of it.   What I am sure of is that 
the only change on my system that happened before the fonts started 
looking different was the update of the X server.

Any ideas?

    Installing Fonts

When you are working with the OpenOffice.org software you might notice 
that a different number of fonts is provided depending on the document 
type being used. This is because not all of the fonts can be used in 
every case.


      Therefore, only those fonts will be shown in the font selection
      box when working with a text document which can also be printed,
      as it is assumed that you will only want to use those fonts that
      you can actually have printed on paper.


      In an HTML document or in online layout, only fonts that are
      available on screen are offered.


      On the other hand, when working with spreadsheets and drawings you
      will be able to use all of the fonts that can be either printed or
      shown on the screen.

The OpenOffice.org software tries to match the display on screen to the 
printout (WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get). Possible problems are 
shown in the bottom of the dialog *Format - Character*.

      Adding Fonts

You can integrate additional fonts in the OpenOffice.org software. Fonts 
which you integrate are available exclusively to the OpenOffice.org 
software and can be used with various Xservers without your having to 
install them there. To make the fonts available to other programs as 
well, proceed as usual by adding the fonts to your Xserver. The 
OpenOffice.org software can display and print out PostScript Type1 fonts 
as well as TrueType fonts (including TrueType Collections).

To integrate additional fonts in the OpenOffice.org software, proceed as 


      Go to the *{installpath}/program* directory.


      Enter: *./spadmin*


      Click *Fonts*.


      The dialog lists all fonts added for the OpenOffice.org software.
      You can select and remove fonts using the *Remove* button or add
      new fonts with the *Add* button.


      Click *Add*. The *Add Fonts* dialog appears.


      Enter the directory from which you want to add the fonts. Press
      the *...* button and select the directory from the path selection
      dialog or enter the directory directly.


      A list of the fonts from this directory appears. Select the fonts
      you want to add. To add all the fonts, click *Select All*.


      With the *Create soft links only* check box you can determine
      whether the fonts are to be copied into the OpenOffice.org
      directory or only symbolic links are to be created there. If the
      fonts to be added are on a data medium that is not always
      available (such as a CD-ROM), you must copy the fonts.


      Click *OK*. The fonts will now be added.

In the case of a Server Installation, the fonts are installed in that 
installation if possible. If the user has no write access rights, the 
fonts will be installed in the corresponding Workstation Installation so 
that only the user who installed them can access them.

Keith Packard wrote:

>Around 11 o'clock on Jan 6, Joseph Harvell wrote:
>>The font I was primarily using in the OpenOffice.org document is named 
>>"Nimbus Roman No9 L" and I was using mostly 12pt.
>>I don't know if this is the right group to post to but I figured I need 
>>font expertise.
>I'm fairly sure OpenOffice.org isn't using fontconfig on your system; you 
>can, of course, check this by looking at the /proc/???/map file for the 
>OpenOffice.org process.

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