[Fontconfig] Extra pixel between characters in monospace font

Gilles Boccon-Gibod bok at bok.net
Tue Jan 11 10:19:40 EST 2005

This problem is puzzling:

I have an OpenType font with embedded bitmaps. The font is a monospace
font that I use for coding and for my terminal windows.
It is in OpenType/Bitmap format, because I am unable to get my gnome-based
applications to work with either the PCF, BDF or FON version of this font
(see my previous email about that).
The problem is that when I use the font in a gnome-based application, such
as gnome-terminal, or KDE application like konsole, the glyphs have an
extra single pixel inserted between them, so the spacing is too wide. For
instance, two underscore characters (__), will be displayed with a
one-pixel gap between them.
However, freetype shows the font correctly (using 'ftview'), and some
applications have no trouble with the font: FireFox is configured to use
this font for monospace text, and it shows it perfectly, without the extra

Any idea why this would be ?

(I'm attaching two small portions of screen capture to show the problem)

-- Gilles

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