[Fontconfig] Fontconfig trouble with bitmap fonts

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Tue Jan 11 12:32:29 EST 2005

Around 15 o'clock on Jan 10, "Gilles Boccon-Gibod" wrote:

> some bitmap fonts (BDF and PCF) fail to work with fontconfig. That means
> that they are not listed by fc-list (they do not appear in the cache even
> after fc-cache has been run).

Any bitmap fonts without an ISO Latin-1 or Unicode encoding are currently 
ignored by fontconfig as there is no transcoding support for these fonts 
in FreeType or fontconfig.

MonteCarlo.pcf.gz uses microsoft-cp1252, so you'll never see that listed 
by fontconfig.  The other two Proggy fonts work fine for me in both gnome 
applications (waterfall) and xterm (when forced to use fontconfig via -fa).

Are you using the latest developer release of fontconfig (2.2.98)?


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