[Fontconfig] Is everybody happy with fontconfig 2.2.98?

Jakub Pavelek jakub.pavelek at nokia.com
Wed Jan 12 19:05:03 EST 2005


I wasn't really looking for a help with that, but thanks ;-) More
pointing out that we have a release that won't install on a (still)
mainstream distribution. Actually, all 2.2.9x releases won't, and if we
don't care, its still fine with me ;-)



> On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:07:52 +0200 Jakub Pavelek <jakub.pavelek at nokia.com>
> wrote:
> > I have problem installing it on RedHat 9.0, though it installs fine on
> > Gentoo and Debian. It fails at the end of build with this:
> > 
> > docbook2txt local-fontconfig-user.sgml
> > Using catalogs: /etc/sgml/sgml-docbook-3.1-1.0-17.cat
> > Using stylesheet:
> > /usr/share/sgml/docbook/utils-0.6.12/docbook-utils.dsl#html
> > Working on: /tmp/fontconfig-2.2.98/doc/local-fontconfig-user.sgml
> > No way to convert HTML to text found.
> That seems like an error related to building the docs, and may not be FC
> related but rather due to RH 9's environment. Try to pass -k to make and
> make install. You could get a working FC, minus the docs.

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