[Fontconfig] Re: [patch]: mmapping FontConfig data structures

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sat Jun 11 02:35:56 EST 2005

Patrick Lam wrote:
> Alan Coopersmith wrote:
>>But only if fonts.mmap is platform independent.  Many places
>>use home directories NFS shared across different types of machines.
>>(big & little endian, 32 & 64 bit, etc.)
> It's hard to imagine how one could possibly make fonts.mmap platform
> independent.

Right, which is why a machine specific location such as /tmp or /var/tmp
is better than a user's home directory.   (And even if you made it
platform independent, much of the fonts.mmap still depends on what
fonts/packages you've got installed on each machine, so is only really
sharable between truly identical machines.)

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