[Fontconfig] fc-list vs xfontsel

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 16 10:49:11 EST 2005

Hi, today i was asking fontconfig to give me a condensed font and i was 
getting Vera all the time, i wondered if i had no condensed font so i fired 
xfontsel, selected condensed on sWdth and saw i have only one, Nimbus Sans L 
Condensed, but then i remembered fc-list and did 
$ fc-list : width

So fontconfig was not seeing any condensed font (75), may it be becasue i did 
not have Nimbus Sans L Condensed correctly configured and fontconfig did not 
see it? then i did
$ fc-list : family width | grep "Nimbus Sans"
Nimbus Sans L:width=100
Nimbus Sans L Condensed:width=100

And wop, fontconfig says "Nimbus Sans L Condensed" is not really condensed.

Who is buggy xfontsel or fc-list?


P.S: I'm using fontconfig version 2.2.96 and xfontsel is from Xorg 6.7.0 i 
know they are a bit old so if someone can check that both give the same 
result with newer versions i'll be happy
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