[Fontconfig] apps, comamnd lines and proportion

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon May 30 13:03:32 EST 2005

Can anyone recomend an Xft/pango app that takes an -fa arg like xfd,
xterm, et al and can elegantly display the contents of a (utf8) file
in a proportional font?

There are several term emulators and text editors that meet the first
requirement and can display any font, but fail to honour the glyph's
advances and kerning, turing it into a severly letterspaced monowidth

The 'word processors' meet the latter requirement but fail the former.

(Specifying things like :autohint=, :antialias=, :matrix=, as well as
the pointsize with centipoint or better resolution are mandatory and
only, AFAIHF, available via -fa or X resources.)

James H. Cloos, Jr. <cloos at jhcloos.com> <http://jhcloos.com>

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