[Fontconfig] fc-cache sometimes looses fonts

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Wed Nov 2 23:50:03 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 02:40 -0500, Patrick Lam wrote:
> Patrick Lam wrote:
> > I added an extra FcDirScan to this codepath.  I believe that this fixes
> > the cache corruption problems.  I hate to admit that I'm not entirely
> > sure why the old code had cache corruption problems, but I'll look into
> > that just a bit longer.  It seems to make sense though.
> Of course, when you think you don't really understand what's going on,
> there's a good chance it's because you actually don't understand what's
> going on.  The problem really was in re-serializing already-serialized
> FcValues; I forgot a canonicalization there, so that it was writing out
> garbage pointers.  I've committed a one-line fix and reverted the
> previous patch (which would of course always mask the problem).  So the
> losing-font problem and the corrupted font cache problem should both be
> fixed now.

Cool that you found that.

> I think this calls for 2.3.92, which I'll try to release tomorrow
> morning.  Are there any other issues that I should address (possibly
> post-2.3.92)?

I would like to see the freetype-internals patch get in before 2.4

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