[Fontconfig] how to disable certain lang in fonts.conf

Zhi Zhou zhi.zhou at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 06:49:18 PST 2005

Dear all,
I checked the mailing list archive related to my problem. It seems there was
a relevant post two years ago :) The post discussed how a Japanese font
could be used for English characters while the font itself doesn't
explicitly include this language support,i.e. en. No clear solution for that
post at last anyway.

However, my problem is a reverse to some extent, i.e. how do I disable
certain language support with fontconfig if that font actually claims
supporting a few languages. For my special case, I have two fonts A and B
supporting both English (en) and Chinese (zh-cn). I wish to use only A's
English part assisted by B's Chinese part. The problem won't exist if A only
supports English. I could simply have A and B in the same alias list with a
proper order. But it seems no matter how I prioritize B in font matching, B
is never selected for Chinese rendering.

I am quite a beginner for fontconfig. Hopefully my problem is clear enough
to you. I'll appreciate it if any of you could give some hints here.

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