[Fontconfig] Development release 2.3.92: fix corrupted caches, various improvements

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Fri Nov 4 19:21:18 PST 2005

We're proably somewhat overdue, but hey, here's a release of fontconfig

Fix corrupted caches bugs from 2.3.91 (reported by Mike Fabian).
Store only basename in the cache, reconstitute on demand
(reported by James Cloos).
Change the rule for artificial emboldening in fonts.conf.in.  This
enables the support for artificial emboldening included in cairo
(patch by Zhe Su).
Add FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP object type to tell Xft/Cairo whether
to load embedded bitmaps or not (patch by Jinghua Luo).
Fix GCC4 warnings (some by Behdad Esfahbod).
Support localized font family and style names; this has been reported
to break old apps like xfd, but modern (gtk+/qt/mozilla) apps work
fine (patch by Zhe Su).
Prevent fc-list from escaping strings when printing them (reported by
Matthias Clasen).
Add valist sentinel markup for FcObjectSetBuild and
FcPatternBuild (patch by Marcus Meissner).
Add consts to variables so as to move arrays into .rodata (patch by
Ross Burton).
Modify config file to use Greek fonts before Asian fonts with
Greek glyphs. (patch by Simos Xenitellis).
Use libtool -no-undefined flag on all platforms (patch by Christian

Here are the md5sums:

cf03f8e2a8b5e63fe54f1c6f5cb39b17  fontconfig-2.3.92.tar.gz
02accb8c6eda4bcc3902cf58c5762126  ChangeLog-2.3.92


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