[Fontconfig] conf.d and fake embolding / italics

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Nov 6 09:02:26 PST 2005

I filed the following bug report with Fedora Rawhide yesterday:


The problem is that fake bold and italic are turned on in
the /etc/fonts/fonts.conf file - and can not be turned off (as far as I
can tell) without modifying that file. Since that file is not suppose to
modified, there basically is not a proper way to disable them if you
don't want them.

If they were moved to a /etc/fonts/conf.d/ file - then packagers could
package them as config missing ok (at least with rpm) and system
administrators could remove them without modifying the main file.

Another (better?) possibility would be to install them without numbers
and install a numbered symlink that could just be removed.

Another possibility that would require code (if it doesn't exist already
- I could not find it) would be a configuration directive that tells
fontconfig not to embolden or italicize a particular font.

Maybe create a dummy boolean pattern that is set to true, which fake
embolding and fake italics can check - and then they can be set to false
for fonts that should not be fake embolded or italicized.

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