[Fontconfig] [solved] - fake italic / embolding when not wanted

Michael Peters mpeters at mac.com
Wed Nov 16 04:27:12 PST 2005

Thanks to sunmoon1997 - the issue I was having with some fonts that use a different family name to depict different styles is now solved for me. At least mostly.

The scenario:

Elsner + Flake "LucidaMonoEFOP" family (Type 1 outline OpenType .otf fonts)

Family Members:


The problem was using fontconfig to grab the "real" bold when bold attribute of Roman face requested, etc. - if fake embolding was enabled, result was double embolding as LucidaMonoEFOP-Bold was correctly grabbed, but then embolded itself - as it doesn't report itself as a bold weight.

The solution is to tell configure fontconfig to edit the fonts and assign the proper properties.

Works flawlessly now in every app I have tried except firefox.
Firefox appears to get the font correct, but doesn't get the spacing right (it's a monospace font, but it spaces the bold weight different than normal weight when bold tag is used instead of specifying the real bold faces. I think it's a firefox bug though, because other apps don't exhibit that problem. It does space them correctly iff the real font is specified with no tags)

Also - the font does not correctly identify itself as a monospace font, I *think* I corrected that through fontconfig as well - that *may* be the firefox problem, I think I correctly fixed that too but I'm not positive.

Anyway - I've attached the fontconfig file I'm using (for that font) in case anyone else is trying to do the same thing, and of course comments from gurus on how I could do it better would be appreciated.

Thanks to people who gave suggestions that helped me figure out how to do it w/o needing to modify the actual font files.
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