[Fontconfig] Re: Crash with fontconfig 2.3.92

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Thu Nov 17 08:08:47 PST 2005

sunmoon1997 wrote:
> this one shoule be better;)
> 在 2005-11-17四的 11:00 +0100,Frederic Crozat写道:
>>Le jeudi 17 novembre 2005 à 17:34 +0800, sunmoon1997 a écrit :
>>>here is a impoved one.:)
>>Nice fix, I can confirm it fixes the crash. Thanks a lot.
>>Could Patrick or Keith commit both my warning output patch and sunmoon
>>crash fixes, both are useful..

I'll commit the warning output patch.  I'm a bit confused by sunmoon's
crash fix, I don't really understand why it works.  I'm going to take a
bit more of a look at it; sunmoon, can you comment on why it works?


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