[Fontconfig] Re: relocations, readonly data

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Sat Nov 19 08:28:37 PST 2005

Great; thanks a lot.  I've committed this patch.  (Yeah, now I don't
need to go back to fc-lang and understand what's going on there; it's
not completely straightforward).

The other patch I'd like to include before 2.4 is Mathias Clasen's
freetype internals patch, but I need to understand what's going on
there.  Apart from that, I think we just need some stability testing of
the branch before we make a 2.4 release.  Keep those bug reports and
patches coming!


sunmoon1997 wrote:
> Here comes the further fix. There is a few of issues in Pat's patch.  -
> -miscounted numbers count (numbers_count)
> -didn't strip duplicate numbers (langBankNumbers)
> -leafidx_offset and numbers_offset in fcLangCharSets are wrong.
>  This patch fixes all of above. I removed leafidx_count and
> numbers_count since they are the same and I replaced them with
> offset_count.
>   Now fontcong works as before;)
> Patrick Lam wrote:
>>Matthias Clasen wrote:
>>>Another interesting bug in this area is 2878, which complains that
>>>all the FcCharSets in fcLangCharSets are stored in .data and cause
>>>relocations, although they are not modified at runtime. It seems to me
>>>that it should be possible to fix this by generating the charsets
>>>in the form in which fc-cache stores them in the mmap cache, but I
> have
>>>not been able to work out the details.
>>I've committed the attached patch to the branch subsequent to tagging
>>2.3.92 (release announcement for that will follow once I get home and
>>type in my gpg password).  However, I'm also sending it to the list
> for
>>comments: I'm not entirely sure that this patch is correct, as I don't
>>know how to test it.  Keith and Matthias, can you take a look?  It
> does
>>seem to work, for what that's worth.

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