[Fontconfig] Re: relocations, readonly data

Frederic Crozat fcrozat at mandriva.com
Mon Nov 21 00:42:01 PST 2005

Le samedi 19 novembre 2005 à 11:28 -0500, Patrick Lam a écrit :
> Great; thanks a lot.  I've committed this patch.  (Yeah, now I don't
> need to go back to fc-lang and understand what's going on there; it's
> not completely straightforward).
> The other patch I'd like to include before 2.4 is Mathias Clasen's
> freetype internals patch, but I need to understand what's going on
> there.  Apart from that, I think we just need some stability testing of
> the branch before we make a 2.4 release.  Keep those bug reports and
> patches coming!

BTW, it seems the crosscheck patch was never merged in 2.4 branch. Is it
wanted ? (I'm followed Mathias footsteps and merged it in Mandriva
cooker package).

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat at mandriva.com>

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