[Fontconfig] 2.3.91 performance regression from 2.3.2

Ronny V. Vindenes ronnyvv at broadpark.no
Thu Oct 6 02:13:53 EST 2005

While testing 2.3.91 I noticed a huge performance regression compared to
2.3.2 (Fedora rawhide).

If I keep my fonts[1] in several subdirectories[2], rendering pages in
epiphany[3] takes a very long time (2-3 seconds with 100% cpu load) even
for short pages using a single font (clicking through to other pages
using the same font takes as long as well), but if I put all the fonts
in a single directory things are rendered at the expected speed.

[1] $ find ~/.fonts -type f|wc -l

[2] $ find ~/.fonts -type d|wc -l

[3] Same goes for firefox and konqueror - I haven't tested any other

Ronny V. Vindenes <ronnyvv at broadpark.no>

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