[Fontconfig] Wrong font names

Matthias Bachert public at mbachert.de
Thu Oct 27 06:02:51 EST 2005

If I install my Futura fonts in Gnome 2.12 in Ubuntu 5.10 and
fontconfig-2.3.2 the names are displayed wrong.

The fonts have names like
- Futura Lt Bt
- Futura Md Bt
- Futura Bk Bt

But all I see is a large list of "Futura" and "Futura Italic" and other
wrong and undistinguishable names.

This always worked under Gnome 2.8 and fontconfig-2.2.3.

Is this a bug or is there some help available?

It would help if I could name the fonts manually in some file.

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