[Fontconfig] Porting, binary files, and releases

Doodle doodle at scenergy.dfmk.hu
Wed Feb 8 06:16:51 PST 2006

Hi all,

I've tried to port the latest unstable release (v2.3.93) to OS/2, with 
99% success. However, I see that it's not a very recent release, so I'd 
like to offer patches after a next release, for that one. So, my first 
question is if I can expect a new unstable (or maybe stable) release in 
the near future, anytime soon?

Then some general stuffs I met while I was porting:

The code uses fopen() at some places, and uses open() at some other. 
Shouldn't this be unified? Anyway, the open flag O_BINARY is missing 
from the open() of the cache file handling routines, which caused 
problems with the font-cache on OS/2 GCC (where the default is text file).

There are memory mapped files used. It's not yet supported in the OS/2 
version of libc, so I've made a kind of emulation of them in a separate 
file. Right now I include its header file conditionally with #ifdef 
__OS2__. Should it be left this way, or is it better to have a config.h 
define for this, like for example #define FC_USE_MMAP_EMU ?

I think that's all for now. Thanks in advance!

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