[Fontconfig] Re: fontconfig: FcConfigAppFontAddDir () doesn't work right

Mike FABIAN mfabian at suse.de
Fri Feb 10 08:14:24 PST 2006

Patrick Lam <plam at MIT.EDU> さんは書きました:

> Mike FABIAN wrote:
>> See 
>> http://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=148693
> I'm kind of concerned about this patch potentially bringing back the
> issues we had a while back with 'fc-cache .' not doing the right thing,
> so I can't commit it until I check that issue out.  In particular, if we
> don't normalize before we add a directory, it seems like fc-cache .
> might do the wrong thing.

In the CVS checkout from today some hunks of Takashi's patch are included,
but not all. Without the missing hunks it still doesn't work,
my test program from 


comment #3 still runs into an endless loop with the test-case
from comment #4 of that bug report.

The remaining hunks of Takashi's patch are attached.

Actually the very last hunk:

diff -ru fontconfig-
--- fontconfig- 2006-02-10 13:06:08.000000000
+++ fontconfig-      2006-02-10 16:35:30.000000000
@@ -133,6 +133,8 @@
        d_can = FcConfigNormalizeFontDir (config, dir);
     if (d_can)
        dir = d_can;
+    else
+       FcConfigAddFontDir (config, dir);

     if (!force)

is not necessary, it works without this hunk.

But this hunk seems logical to me, probably it is better to include
this as well.

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