[Fontconfig] Status about fontconfig CVS regarding cache handling

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Fri Feb 17 08:31:40 PST 2006

Frederic Crozat wrote:
> If I remove the affected cache, fc-cache is able to update cache for
> this directory and crashes on one of the next directory :)
> I've attached the offending file (be careful, it is renamed).

This cache has the new magic.  How odd.

000000c0  65 31 2f 61 64 6f 62 65  73 74 64 33 35 00 00 *03*
000000d0  *fc* *02* *fc* 1e 8e 00 00 9e  9e b1 53 23 00 00 00 ee

(That's 03 fc 02 fc, which is what 0xfc02fc03 looks like when you write it.)

Are you sure that's an old cache?  It looks like a new cache to me, so 
that perhaps you have mixed versions of fontconfig.  My fontconfig 
crashes when you give it this file, but it should: it has the new MAGIC 
and an old format.

There doesn't seem to be any other explanation aside from mixed 
versions.  fontconfig definitely bails on caches with wrong MAGIC now.


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