[Fontconfig] Re: Strange behaviour of fc-match of fontconfig current cvs (2.3.93).

Patrick Lam plam at MIT.EDU
Sun Jan 8 03:02:30 PST 2006

Zhe Su wrote:
> Hi,
>   That's alright. And please excuse me that there is a little bug in
> that patch. A new patch is attached.

I've committed this patch.  I hope it's alright; I couldn't see anything
wrong with it.  If I understand correctly, the crux of the correctness
issue is the change of

	score += v2_best_score;


	v = score;

(which would be score = v2_best_score in the old code).

and the rest is a performance optimization.  Is that right?  Could
someone verify that this change alone fixes the bug?


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